Different Species of Bats and Removing Them From Your Property

Despite efforts to educate the public, many people are still deathly afraid of bats. Bats are highly beneficial flying mammals that are nature’s own pest removal service. Each night, the average bat consumes several pounds of harmful insects. Contrary to popular belief, bats are not very likely to carry rabies.

Common Bat Species

The most common bat species in this area are big brown bats, little brown bats and Brazilian free-tailed bats. If these little guys are so good, why do pest removal services remove them from properties? Ideally, they roost in trees, in homemade bat houses, under bridges, in caves and any other place that is sheltered and quiet. However, sometimes a colony of bats will try to roost in a home’s attic or crawl space, which is when they become a problem. As helpful as they are, no homeowner wants to deal with messy piles of bat droppings.

Can You Relocate Bats on Your Own?

Bats are federally protected, so it is illegal to kill them. There are certain times of the year during which nobody is allowed to disturb them due to their mating seasons. If you are dealing with an unwanted bat infestation, you will need to call an experienced pest removal company to safely and effectively deal with them.

You may wish to install bat houses on the trees surrounding your property to encourage them to roost in a proper place and rid your yard of mosquitoes and other pests. For more information on bat removal in Raleigh, visit this site.


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